Windows snipping tool

Have you ever wanted to take a screen shot of the image on your computer and send it via email to someone?
In older windows operating systems this was possible using a special key combination and then pasting the captured image into word before sending it as an attachment.

Windows Vista and Windows & come with a new ” Snipping Tool” which can be found at :-
Start Button >All Programs>Accessories> Snipping Tool.

Snipping tool
When you open the tool, the screen goes sort of out of focus, then you can drag your cross hair cursor around what you want to take a snap shot of.

Then you have choices on the top menu. You can copy it to the clipboard, then pasted it in a program. You can email it, or even save it.

The other really cool feature is you can use the pen to mark it up and draw arrows or circle stuff. Ideal when you want someone to look at a problem on your screen.

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