wi fi woes!

Twice in the last week I have had calls from clients who’s wifi had “suddenly stopped working”

On both ocassions the desktop / laptop would not find the signal for the home routerand neither would my laptop.

I have wireless scanning software called “insidder” installed on the laptop and so a quick scan showed many local networks.

wifi scanner

Most of these seemed to be on wi fi channel 1.

I connected to the home router via a cable and logged into the admin page. The wireless SSID and security was set up correctly while the channel number was set to “Auto” and had selected Channel 1.

As this channel seemd to be congested I changed the setting to manual set up and set Channel 6.

On both occasions the home computer could then see the SSID and I was able to make a sucessful connection.

The wi fi bandwidth has about 14 channels and like a radio station if you are to close to other powerful senders you will get signal interference.

To minimise interference you should try and use either channel 1 , 6 or 11 as each of these channels is sufficiently far apart not to interfere with each other.

Anglesey Network Repair

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