Isle of Anglesey Looking Local

Residents can now access a range of council services through their television set, mobile phone or Wii due to the launch of an innovative information channel – Looking Local.

The Council has developed a special TV channel called ‘Looking Local’ and anyone with Sky, Virgin or broadband connected Freeview boxes can find out more by pressing the interactive button on their remote.

The service is completely FREE to use and allows you to report an abandoned car, a pothole or a broken street light. Request services or leaflets, find out about local amenities, opening times and a lot more. Sometimes when you just want a quick piece of information and you don’t feel inclined to boot up your PC, remember the Looking Local service is available on your TV, from the comfort of your sofa.

Not only are there services from the Council, but you can also plan a journey and access transport information using a service created by Transport Direct. You can also search for jobs locally or across the country using the Job Centre Plus database.

For details see the Council’s web site :-

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