Fast fibre speed broadband for Anglesey

The Welsh Assembley Goverment has made a significant investment in a fast broadband fibre infrasructure around the Isle of Anglesey. The project is managed by a company called FibreSpeed.

FibreSpeed has the potential to transform the Isle of Anglesey into a vast “wireless hot-spot” giving super-fast Internet access to many of its businesses and residents.

At this special presentation, part of Anglesey Business Week 2010, you’ll find out what this would mean for you, and how you can be part of it.

You’re invited to attend the presentation on Wednesday 22nd September from 9am at Carreg Mon Hotel, Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Anglesey, LL61 5YH

Full details can be found here :-


From 9am to 10am there will be three short presentations:

FibreSpeed is a growing fibre-optic network delivering next-generation Internet access to North Wales. Sales Manager David Ferguson will give the latest update on its progress and describe how users are already benefiting. He will explain how FibreSpeed technology improves on so-called “fast broadband” and how it could transform business on Anglesey.

Bluenowhere is a new FibreSpeed service provider offering wireless connectivity across Anglesey. With support from Anglesey County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government, Bluenowhere wants Anglesey’s businesses and residents to connect to FibreSpeed and enjoy the kind of high-speed Internet service usually reserved for urban areas. CEO Harry Aldridge will outline this vision, and will explain the steps to achieve it.

Integratek Managing Director Chris Grasby will explain in a way that’s easy to understand how FibreSpeed technology can be used to transform your business. He will talk briefly about the benefits of “cloud computing”, also known as “virtualisation”, and how you can use the Internet to improve the way your business functions. Integratek is an established FibreSpeed service provider offering connectivity and equipment solutions.

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