Read MAC hard drive from a pc

A corporate customer phoned me yesterday, their graphic designer had moved on to another job. While he was at the company he had used an external disk drive on a Mac book. He had left the disk drive behind and the company needed to get at some graphic files on the disk.

They asked me if I could recover the files from the disk. There seemed to be two options, dismantle the external hard disk enclosure and piggy back the hard drive to a MAC or see if I could read the Mac drive files from a pc.

As I was on site and no MAC were available I opted for the second approach.

The file system on a MAChard drive is HFS (+) rather than FAT or NTFS so it cannot be directly read from a PC.

I downloaded a program called HFSE explorer and installed it on a pc.

After a reboot I connected the external MAC drive, run the program and the Mac files could be seen.  A simple drag and drop brought the TIFF files across to the PC where they could be used.

Mac support on Anglesey

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