Second hand PC what to look out for

More and more of us and buying a second PC to be used, perhaps by younger children at home. Often there is a requirement to buy this PC as cheaply as possible and a second hand PC can be a good deal. However what should we look out for in a second hand PC ?

1. What is the average sale price of similar models? Look in classified ads for similar computers offered for private sale. Some used computer systems have maintained their value, so the sale price should be comparable. If a complete computer system is advertised for an extremely low price, chances are the technology is already obsolete.

2. What peripherals are included in the sale? Most computer buyers want a CPU (central processing unit), monitor and keyboard at a bare minimum. You’ll need to know if you’ll need to purchase a new monitor or additional speakers or a better printer. If the seller has additional hardware or other peripherals, ask for a package discount.

3. Have all personal files been removed? Once a sale is complete, many buyers would like to believe they have no more obligations to the seller. Make sure the seller has removed all personal files and licensed programs before the sale is completed. Failing to do so may result in repeated visits to the seller or even an unforeseen liability for the buyer if anything illegal is still contained on the hard drive.

4. Has the system been scanned for spyware, ad-ware and viruses recently? Some computer sellers may be selling the unit because of virus or spyware-related problems. Ask the seller if he or she had anti-virus and spyware protection programs installed on the computer and a recent scan has been performed. If the seller has never performed a virus or spyware scan, the buyer may need to have the computer professionally cleaned.

5. Has any major component been repaired or replaced? Buyers need to know if major parts such as the motherboard or hard drive have been replaced, because their failure may have been caused by an undiagnosed defect. Some parts may have been replaced because of excessive wear, but be careful if the same part has been repaired or replaced repeatedly.

Clean refurbished second hand PCs

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