Is your password secure?

We all have a number of email and web accounts which need a password.

How many of us use the same password for each account? I was recently with a customer who only used one password on all his accounts.   I pointed him to this list of popular passwords and he was surprised to find his password in the top 20.

So how to create a secure password?

Here is one way

1) Think of a short sentance                              ====== I love facebook chat

2) Take the first letter of each word                ====== ilfc

3) Add a significant number to the middle      ======  il2010fc

4) Add some punctation to the end                   ====== il2010fc >?

5) Change the case of at least one of the letters ===== il2010Fc>?

6) Check how secure the password is at this site :-

7) Make a new password for each site you join , especially secure banking and ecommerce sites.

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