Fast wireless broadband for North Wales home owners

It looks as if yet another company is lining up to provide a fast wireless network service to residents and small businessess in North Wales.

This time it is a company called AB internet.

Details of there plans are reproduced below.

If you need broadband help Anglesey Computer Solutions can offer advice.

AB Internet, an ISP specialising in wireless Internet and leased-line replacement services, will be the first to offer network-wide wireless connectivity delivered via the FibreSpeed network to large organisations, SMEs and home users. AB Internet will install local access wireless equipment on FibreSpeed masts across North Wales, starting the work immediately and expects to be connecting its first customers before Christmas, including those in existing broadband “not-spots.”

Darren Round, AB Internet’s Managing Director, said: “We are really excited about our new service in North Wales and to be working with FibreSpeed. They had the foresight to accommodate our requirement and the drive to help deliver it. The deployment of our wireless services throughout the region will be nothing short of transformational for the population of North Wales, especially for those currently blighted by not-spots.”

Although the company has plans for higher speeds across the region, initially, a typical broadband service will offer 4mb download speeds to home and small business users. these will be realistic speeds achieved rather than an “up to” service that often falls well short of the advertised figure. Users will also benefit from AB Internet’s unlimited download policy.

With a range of products climbing to gigabit speeds, delivered over AB’s wireless infrastructure, the extended reach of FibreSpeed’s network is now finally closing the ‘digital divide’.

Graham Leach, FibreSpeed’s General Manager, said: “We’re delighted to be working with such a motivated company like AB Internet, which is dedicated to bringing the power of FibreSpeed to the North Wales public. AB Internet’s commitment is another demonstration of how FibreSpeed is attracting inward investors keen to develop cutting-edge IT communications infrastructure, enabling the North Wales economy to compete on a level footing with other, more urban areas of the UK.”

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