How to look after your computer

There are several good habits that computer owners can learn to follow to keep their computers working at optimal performance and lessen trips to computer repair centers.

1. If the computer is connected to the internet, always have antivirus software running
Antivirus software offers several advantages to users who wish to keep their computers safe. First, antivirus software will alert people if they manage to make their way to a harmful website. Oftentimes, this simple alert will keep a computer from becoming ravished by a virus.

Second, antivirus software will automatically notify a computer’s owner as soon as the computer becomes inflicted with a virus. This notification will usually be accompanied by the antivirus software automatically quarantining the virus so that it cannot do any harm to the computer.

Third, antivirus software comes with a scan feature that, when ran, will find any viruses on a computer and try to remove them.

2. Never open email attachments from people you do not know
One of the main ways computer viruses are transmitted is through email attachments. It is a good idea to never open an email attachment from a recipient unfamiliar to the computer owner. Also, most antivirus software will allow a person to scan email attachments for viruses.

3. Cleaning up computer files will keep computers performing well
At least once a week, it is a good idea for people to go through their computer files and delete anything that is not being used or no longer needed. Without a file clean up schedule, computers can become cluttered, which can cause computers to decrease in performance.

4. Run the computer’s disk defragmenter
Windows includes a disk defragmenter. This defragmenter can be found in system tools, and once ran, will often free up space on the computer and increase the computer’s speeds. If a computer is involved in a lot of downloading, it’s a good idea to run the disk defragmenter at least once a day. For people who do not do a lot of downloading of music and movies, then running the disk defragmenter once a week should be sufficient.

5. Make sure all computer programs are up to date
Most computer programs have an update included in them. If the updater runs automatically, a computer owner should make sure that they immediately download updates once available. Other programs require the user to run the updater manually. It is a good idea to run a programs updater once a week, so that any updates will become apparent. Keeping programs updated will ensure that all security risks are closed and that computers are not at risk of facing attacks.

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