My Computer can’t play the more recent games

I recently received this email:-

“My Computer can’t play the more recent games,i’ve tried updating all drivers and it doesn’t seem to work,Can you give me some idea what’s wrong?”
Not a lot of information here so my replay was :-
Thanks for the email.
It would be difficult for me to say exactly what is wrong with out more information.
“can’t play the more recent games”
Could be down to  …
1) Hardware specification of your PC.
The back of the game disc holder should give you an indication of the type of hardware you need to play the game. This would normally include the specification of memory , processor speed and graphics adaptor.  If you PC is a few years old it may fail to play the game because of one or more of these.  You will need to compare the actual specification of your computer with the minimum recommended specification of the game you are trying to play.
2) Which operating system are you using. Some games will only play on newer versions of the windows operating system.
3) Which version of Direct X do you have installed?
4) How much spare hard disc space or memory do you have free when the PC is in normal use?
These are just some of the things to consider when your PC will no longer play the most recent games.
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