Anglesey Broadband

A company which has promised to supply fast broadband to local residents on Anglesey is holding a number of meetings on the island this week.

Exwavia , who are based in Powys are holding sessions as below:-

A local contact emailed me this weekend to say :-

I spoke to Exwavia yesterday and they are ready to start installations now. They would be able to connect me at the beginning of February.”

This could be your chance to find out more about removing the broadband notspots on Anglesey.   I will be going to one of the sessions and will post what I find on this blog later in the week.



As part of our on-going efforts to make sure that Wales is able to access quality broadband at good speeds and sensible pricing, we are following our recent Press activity with a series of public meetings on the Isle of Anglesey.

The purpose of these meetings is to allow those who have already expressed an interest to get more information, and for those who are considering taking service from exwavia to get more information.  The meetings are not intended to be particularly long  but should give everyone an opportunity to go home with the information they require.

These will be:

  • 20th Jan – The Bull Llangefni – 6.30pm
  • 21st Jan – The Bull Llangefni – 10am
  • 21st Jan – Holyhead Town Hall – 1pm

You are welcome to attend any or all of the meetings and to bring as many other interested parties, along as you like.

We look forward to seeing you, and look forward to getting the Island the broadband that it deserves.


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One Response to Anglesey Broadband

  1. Angleseycomputersolutions says:

    About a dozen people turned up to a meeting in Llangefni tonight to listen to a company called Exwavia describe the fast wireless broadband system they are bringing onto the island.
    The scheme is aimed at those people who receive less than half a meg ( Mbps) broadband at the moment. If you are in this group of people you may be able to get a grant from the Welsh assembly government towards the cost of installing fast wireless broadband to your house.
    A small wireless antenna on your property will link back across the Island to an existing fast fibre network, which runs up the west side of the island.
    Once connected to the network you will be guaranteed a connection rate of at least four Mbps.
    Note this compares with BT, who advertise a rates of ”up to 8 meg”. The cost of the service is £20 per month, although higher rates are also available at higher costs. The company has a very liberal fair use policy with no artificial caps on downloads.
    The company has a number of years’ experience of providing fast wireless broadband in rural areas and is confident that it will be able to reach all 27,000 residents of Anglesey. Currently there are 45 people whose grant application is with the Welsh assembly and it is hoped that these people will be connected to the Exwavia network by early February.
    The presentation tonight was very informal, with the opportunity for local residents to ask any technical and non-technical questions which were answered in a way which was easy to understand. The company was very open and discussed both the advantages and disadvantages of the various broadband systems available to the islands users.
    An interesting aspect of the rollout is that the company does not require a minimum number of prospective subscribers in an area before they can service them.
    I.e. if a user is too far away from an existing mast to receive a signal directly, the company will install an additional mast along the route to get to the initial subscriber. The company justifies the cost as it is confident that they will be able to obtain additional subscribers to infill the capacity which has been made available for the initial subscriber.
    Unlike the BT ADSL exchange rollout. The company will not require a minimum number of confirmed subscribers before it provides a service in a particular.
    Some of the people in the meeting had been approached by other potential wireless broadband providers that were of the opinion that Exwavia were further along the path of actually providing the service to the islands residents.
    The proof of the pudding will be in the next few months. If the experience of the initial subscribers is good word-of-mouth should quickly pass to other areas of the island.
    Anyone who is a new subscriber welcome to post their experiences on this blog.
    Further details of scheme can be found at

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