Remote PC support on Anglesey

Most PC repair problems can be divided into either a hardware or software problem. A hardware problem normally means that a piece of equipment in the PC has to be changed out, in which case a site visit is required.   However many problems are down to software issues with the PC.

If the PC still has a working internet connection, then some of these problems can be sorted by a remote support session.  Normally the client will be asked to browse to a web site and to download a small program.   When the program is run will be able to give the support technician permission to be able to connect to your PC and share control of your PC over the internet. The technician will see a copy of your desktop on his screen and will be able to investigate the problem as if he was using your mouse and keyboard.

You will be able to see everything that the technician is doing and will be able to close the connection at any time.  Once closed the technician will not be able to reconnect until you invite them for another session.

Not all types of problems can be solved by a remote connection however some such as , slow PC , virus or spyware infection , installation of software programs can be successful.

The advantage of the remote support session is that the engineer does not have to travel to your location and you do not have to take the PC apart and take it to a shop for repair. This results in a saving of both time and expense for both the support company and the client.

If you would like further information just click the link below :-

Remote PC support Anglesey

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2 Responses to Remote PC support on Anglesey

  1. Doug says:

    just interested in your remote service it sounds great
    for those obscure problems that just seem to turn up, like the one i have
    now this notification of 186 outstanding PC errors. I just click the X and
    it disappears till next time about 15 minuites later.
    is this the sort of thing you fix remotely

  2. Hi Doug,
    The “186 outstanding errors” sound suspicious to me at you do not get this
    sort of notification from the windows operating system by it self. I would
    think that there is a program running in the back ground which is producing
    this report. This may be a legitimate program that you have installed or a
    piece of “scam ware” on your pc giving a fake message.
    Remote PC support would be ideal for this situation.
    Details can be found on my web site

    The cost is £12 for up to a 30 minute session which you can pay one line via
    a credit or debit card after the session has finished.

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