before you send your computer for repair…

before you send out your computer for repairs.. ensure that you check these off your to-do list:

• Remove all sensitive information like files that contain passwords for your bank accounts, your PIN, CVV and other important numbers used for your cards, and other details relevant to your bank accounts which could be used to hack them or gain unlawful access to them. Even common information like your date of birth and your mother’s maiden name can be used to gain access to your bank information and used to perpetrate fraud and theft.

• Remove files that contain your social security details, your credit and debit card numbers, and any other details which could be used to perpetrate identity theft.

• Remove files that contain information relevant to your passwords for email accounts and social networks.

• Remove stored passwords on your browsers – you can do this by clearing your history from Settings. Many browsers allow you to see your stored passwords through a “Show Saved Passwords” option.

• Delete photos and other files that could be misused by unscrupulous people or move them to a portable disk or online storage facility.

• Back up all your documents to a secure location so that you don’t have to worry about it getting deleted or lost inadvertently. Do this on a regular basis so you don’t lose any important information if your hard disk gets corrupted.

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