Fake anti virus removal on Anglesey

Microsoft is warning users about one of the new fake antivirus products named “Security Essentials 2010,” which is nearly identical to the naming of the company’s flagship free anti-malware product.

Fake Antivirus

The fake program uses a trojan (commonly known as Trojan.FakeAlert or Trojan.FakeAV) to display fake alerts to the user, and occasionally pop up and say legitimate programs are infected.

The program displays fake warnings, and results of fake viruses or other malware, then tells the user to pay for the program, in order to remove the threats. This is a scam.

In the last week I have seen this fake anti together with 3 others , one laptop was infected with more than one fake AV. In each case I was able to clear the fake without to much trouble.

However some of the fake AV also come with a root kit which is much more difficult to remove. In some cases a full reformat and restore  is required.

Contac t us to see if we can help with fake antivirus removal anglesey.

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One Response to Fake anti virus removal on Anglesey

  1. Just removed Antivirus AntiSpyware 2011 from a laptop. Yet another fake antivirus asking for $59.99 to be upgraded to remove the nasties ” found on your pc”

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