Local PC shops and data security

Local PC shops and data security.
Do you tell everyone your  passwords on web sites? Do you leave your passwords on a piece of paper for others to read?   No I thought not !
This weekend I went to look at a new local PC shop. The shop was closed but had large windows with a good view of the inside of the shop.
It looked as if it had been busy as from the street I could see quite a few disassembled laptop and desktops , with hard drives out of the cases all over the work bench.
My immediate thought was SECURITY. during a normal day anyone could have walked in and picked up a user’s hard drive.  At the weekend I could have smashed a window and grabbed at least 3 hard drives from the street.
Within a few minutes I could have had all sorts of passwords and confidential data off the hard drives and be spending the owners hard cash within the hour,
It could have been at least Monday before the shop owners has noticed and informed the pc owners ( not a call I would want to make !).
So the moral of the story is to make sure that where ever you take your PC for repair the hard drive is not left on the bench for others to find and that proper care is taken of both your PC hardware and data.

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