Faster broadband for Anglesey?

The Welsh Government is expected to be about to announce an increase in the minimum speed level at which people can apply for a grant for faster broadband provision. At the moment your broadband speed must be less than 0.5 Mb to qualify for the grant. It is thought that the Welsh government will soon increase that minimum level to 2 Mb.

This will be of benefit to the many broadband users on Anglesey who have a connection just above the present minimum level. At present there are at least three companies on Anglesey offering a faster broadband connection, Exwavia , Blue Nowhere and AB internet.  Despite many promises from each of the companies none of them yet seem to have a widespread residential system on the island. Perhaps this announcement will help the roll out of an effective service.

If you are a customer of one of the wireless broadband companies who are currently operating in Anglesey please let us know your experiences.

More details of new scheme here

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