How to increase wifi signal strength.

One of the most important factors which determine your wifi signal strength is the position of your wifi router.

To find the best position use VOICE :-

Vertical antenna :- The Wi-Fi signal beams out from the sides of your antenna, and if they’re pointing in a direction other than vertically up, you might get slightly better coverage in one particular area—but most of your signal is shooting straight into the ground and ceiling.

Obstructions:-  Avoid them, so that it’s not right next to a thick wall, close to other electronics, angled behind metal objects, or otherwise blocked from a line of coverage.

Interference :- Move or shield interfering devices that use the same frequency as WiFi. Most people don’t realize that they are experiencing interference on their WiFi network because it is still operational. Interference can reduce the speed or momentarily pause WiFi network communications. Some common causes of interference are microwave ovens, baby monitors, cord less handsets, blue tooth devices, garage door openers, fluorescent lights, and bad electrical connections.

Central position :- This is the most effective way to maximize your home WiFi coverage.

Elevate :- Wi-Fi signal has an easier time travelling down and sideways than up. It’s actually okay to elevate your router.

We can help you improve wifi signal on Anglesey

Pictorial guide

Technical guide

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