Computer technical support scam warning for Anglesey

Trading Standards Officers on Anglesey are urging the islands’ residents to be extra vigilant against potential fraudsters following a surge in complaints regarding unsolicited telephone calls.

In an apparent repeat of a similar scam last summer, computer users report having received persistent and sometimes aggressive calls from individuals with Indian accents claiming to be from a technical support company who have detected a ‘critical error’ on the individuals’ computer system. The consumers had not logged any computer issues with anyone, and it appears that they were targeted at random.

The callers’ attempt to convince the consumer to purchase security software and technical support, ask for personal and financial details. The company have threatened consumers that their PC’s would be at risk should they refuse their services and have even tried to persuade customers to allow them remote access to their systems. One Anglesey resident, after following the callers’ instructions, reported her mouse cursor moving of its own accord and navigating itself through her computer files.

If you are a consumer or business on Anglesey and have been targeted in a similar way and concerned that your PC may have been infected or that your personal details may have been disclosed to a third party, then please contact Anglesey Trading Standards for advice on (01248) 752 840 or

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One Response to Computer technical support scam warning for Anglesey

  1. Computer support scams can be easily recognized by this: insisting payment of big amount before they can provide help and support. That’s not what a credible computer support company does. Instead, they provide a money back guarantee in their help and support services.

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