Anglesey high-speed wireless broadband service now available

FibreSpeed and exwavia bring wireless broadband to Anglesey

The telecoms firms have launched a new high-speed service across the island.

FibreSpeed and exwavia have announced residents and businesses on the Isle of Anglesey can now take advantage of their high-speed wireless broadband service.

Cutting-edge technology developed by exwavia means islanders living in broadband slow spots and not spots can now access a reliable connection.

The links have gone live, enabling existing exwavia customers to browse the web with minimum speeds of 4Mbps.

Annette Burgess, the managing director of the Powys-based company, unveiled plans for the wireless network in January and admitted the project has been a “real challenge”.

She paid tribute to Anglesey County Council for its help and support in helping to deliver an initiative that was “beginning to look like Mission: Impossible”.

Sales manager of FibreSpeed David Ferguson added: “This is a great day for Anglesey. This final link brings the island into line with the rest of the UK.”

Residents are now being urged to contact exwavia to register for installations.

FibreSpeed claims its wholesale broadband network, which was initially planned to connect 14 business parks, could be expanded to take in around 50 locations across Wales.

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2 Responses to Anglesey high-speed wireless broadband service now available

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  2. Philhen says:

    I called on the 5.4.12 to inform you that the soft survey carried out here at our office showed some concern regarding possible hills that may prevent us delivering the service to you.

    I wondered if you would like to have a site survey free of charge carried out?

    The site survey will allow us to confirm a signal to you.

    Please let me know, we have a team on Anglesey next week so they could come to your property and carry out the survey, you will not need to be there.

    I received this e-mail today in response to me asking if they had received all the documents I sent for a grant application.
    The above is part of the reply I had from eXwavia.Why are they asking me if I would like a survey carried out ? I presumed that all this would be done automatically.
    Does the fact that I took the time to do speed tests fill out the form and get a second quote not tell them that I expect all this to be done without me having to ask for it.

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