Wireless broadband on Anglesey – An update

A few months ago I wrote about a number of companies who were begining to offer wireless broadband to home owners in Anglesey.  One of theose companies “Exvavia” now has a number of satisfied customers who have writen about their experience on the companies web site.

If you have any experience of Exwavia or any other wireless broadband provider in Anglesey I would be pleased to hear from you.


From exwavia site :-

Anglesey resident Dorian Roberts reckons he’s been living in the Dark Ages when it comes to the Internet.

But now the 47-year-old father of one, who lives on a farm at Capel Coch is surfing the Web in a way that has changed his life. For 14 years the house where he lives with wife Sera and six year old son Huw has been virtually unable to get a signal across the 30 or so acres of surrounding pasture and woodland.

But, following a partnership with broadband provider eXwavia, the family are able to access the net, download games and movies and for Dorian, either doing his VAT returns or ordering spare parts for his farmyard machinery.

“It’s been nothing short of a miracle”, said Dorian. “The eXwavia installation team were here for just an afternoon, installed a receiver up on the corner of the house and I had instant access on my laptop – it was that quick.

It had got to the point where I felt like a leper. Everyone else seemed to take the Internet for granted but we were on dial up, had virtually no speeds at all, no emails – it was beginning to hamper our lifestyle.”

“Now with between 4 and 6Mbps Sera can shop on line, Huw can do his homework or play games or watch CBeebies and I’m instantly in touch with life on Anglesey and the rest of the world. We even used it to check out holiday destinations in the UK this summer.”
Dorian has just successfully ordered spare parts for an old water pump that he says without internet contact would have been impossible.

Dorian says that the help eXwavia game him with sourcing the Welsh Government broadband grant was invaluable.

“They helped sort out all the paperwork which wasn’t too complicated and they really guided me all the way through the process.

He heard about eXwavia from the local press and attended an open meeting at the Bull Hotel in Llangefni. “I was sceptical after all we had been through but they were very positive. eXwavia officials explained the process and the timescale- because they were having problems with the final link on the island but they were totally truthful and came up trumps.

It’s absolutely brilliant and I’d happily show anyone who  cares to ask how easy it all is and how  like to come and visit us how easy it all is and how it has completely revolutionised our lives for the good.”


Mum-of-two Bo Coates is used to a hectic family life looking after her children at home on Anglesey and doing the accounts for husband Trevor’s caravan repair business.

But a complete lack of reasonable internet access was cramping her style – until provider eXwavia came along.

“I couldn’t shop on line I couldn’t use Sage properly and I could not keep in touch with my family in Hungary”, said Bo who first came to Wales to work as a horticulturalist at Bodnant Gardens.

Now after she attended an open day event at Tre-ysgawen Hall hotel, Bo has got superfast broadband which has changed family life forever.

“Put it this way”, said Bo “It’s the difference between riding a bicycle and driving a Ferrari with The Stig off Top Gear. It’s that much of a step up .

“It used to take hours just to watch a You Tube clip so you can imagine what it was like trying to do the books.”

Bo’s husband Trevor is Managing Director of the NW Caravan Services Ltd and has been based in Colwyn Bay at Mochdre for 4 years running one of Wale’s busiest caravan repair companies.

Now he and Bo are in the process of setting up a Webshop for the business which attracts customers from all over Wales and the North West.

“It’s vital that in this day and age we have a fast and efficient broadband service”, said Bo. It’s become a key part of our lives and yet people put up with slower and slower speeds for years and do nothing about it .”

Bo says she heard about eXwavia from the local paper media and when a leaflet dropped through her letter box was spurred into action. ”I’d had enough”, said Bo. ”It was time to get it all sorted out once and for all.

“They were very informative and helpful right from the star and answered all my questions and fears All I can say is check your speeds and if you are suffering just don’t put up with it. Do something about it.”

Bo also praised the eXwavia installation team who she said were “fantastic”and fitted everything in around the family with the minimum of disruption.

Bo, who has two children Isabella aged 3 and Breanna five and a half now talks to her mum and family in Hungary every day –they live in a rural townGodollo 20 miles from Budapest , and thanks to Android and Skype is able to look at new baby niece almost every day .

“It’s been an absolute godsend “, said Bo who has called her house OTTHON, Hungarian for Home.

Now she and Trevor and the youngsters have an instant link to the World Wide Web are loving it.

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