Acer One Netbook Linux recovery

I had a phone call over the weekend about an Acer Aspire One netbook running Linux which was only booting to a black screen. The following steps are recommended.

If possible back up any data files stored on the netbook

Make sure you have an up to date version of the Bios from

NB this Bios update can sometimes end in a non-functioning netbook so make sure you follow these instructions carefully. We will not accept any blame for a non-functioning PC!

Extract the BIOS zip file to a folder on a working PC. (e.g.

Format an USB flash drive as FAT

Copy Flashit.exe , 3309.fd and 3309.bat  file to the root of the USB drive.

Turn the AA1 netbook off, and verify both battery and AC adapter are plugged in.

Plug in the USB drive.

Press Fn and Esc simultaneously, keep them pressed and press the power button. Release Fn+Esc after a few seconds. The power button starts blinking at this point. Press it once. The AA1 will now access the files on the flash drive and initiate flashing the BIOS. After a while the power button stops blinking, and the AA1 reboots by itself. Wait patiently.

If it doesn’t reboot, but keeps blinking, wait at least a few minutes before turning it off, and try again. If you still fail see if you can see 3309.bat in the file list and click on this to get the update running.

You should now have an up to date Bios which may solve the issue.

If not you may need to reinstall the Linux operating system to the PC. This will result in you losing any documents that you have stored on your pc. Make sure you have backed up any information beforehand.

Download the Acer Linux recovery ISO from here:

If you have an external DVD writer burn the iso to a disk and start the Acer from the ISO and then follow the install instructions. If you do not have an external DVD reader …

On a windows PC plug in a USB flash drive and format it to FAT.

Download unetbootin from:

Run the unetbootin.exe and point the source to the ISO downloaded above and the destination the drive letter of the formatted USB drive.

This will transfer the ISO image to the USB drive and make the drive bootable.

Unplug the USB from the windows PC and plug it into the Acer One.

Press the power button to start the Acer.

. Press <F2> during the Power-On Self-Test (when the Acer logo is displayed onscreen after boot up) to enter BIOS Setup.

Select boot menu and then USB.

Follow the onscreen instructions to restore the Linux operating system to your pc.

If you get it right  you should have a newly recovered Acer One netbook running linux.

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