Data back up

Less than 25% of the UK population back up data from their computers.  This means that many are in danger of lossing pictures, videos and important documents if they have compuater issues. (Read more)

Backing-up your files is more important than ever, as the more you store on your hard-drive; the more damage is done if something goes wrong. The fact that three quarters of those who took part in the study admitted to having lost files completely in the past, just goes to show how common an occurrence it is, and nowadays there really is no excuse for not protecting yourself. There are back-up solutions out there to suit everyone, so we’d urge any one on Anglesey who has important files on their PC and who does not know how to back up PC files and data to contact us.

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One Response to Data back up

  1. I agree 100%. Data backup is critical. We give it away to all our customers. Perhaps it is something you can package up and include in services for your area.

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