Expanded wireless internet cover on the Isle of Anglesey

Fibre speed has extended the reach of its existing wireless broadband  network on the Isle of Anglesey. The service is now able to cover “thousands more business and residential premises” than before.

The network, which is supplied by Fibrespeed’s superfast fibre optic cable, was officially completed earlier this year At the time its coverage was still quite limited but all that has now begun to change.

FibreSpeed’s Business Development Director, Philip Hodge, said:

“We’re becoming more familiar with the idea of Internet delivered via fibre technology. Yet without FibreSpeed, the reality is that only urban areas and the lucky few can now receive it.

Thanks to the foresight of the Welsh Government, the people of Anglesey can now be counted among them. FibreSpeed has the capacity to deliver to Anglesey’s businesses and residents, offering fast and reliable access to digital services on which our everyday lives depend more and more.”

The network extension follows key upgrade work at Fibrespeed’s existing Parc Cybi tower infrastructure near Holyhead, which is apparently one of 14 access points along the 200 mile-long fibre optic network that crosses Northern Wales.

As a result Welsh ISPs Exwavia and AB Internet are now able to offer consistent download speeds of 6-10Mbps (Megabits per second) to even more customers and at prices comparable to traditional broadband.

Annette Burgess, Managing Director of eXwavia, said:

“This is great news and is part of our plan to eradicate Anglesey’s so-called broadband “not-spots” and bring fast Internet access to as many people as possible.”
AB Internet Sales Director, Neil Tucker, added:

“It’s great to see FibreSpeed listening to its customers and driving the shape of their network to match the demands. “The knock-on effect will result in a significant digital dividend for the communities on Anglesey and in Gwynedd.”

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