HP laptop black screen and blinking lights

I had a phone call earlier in the week from a client who had a dead HP laptop (Model CQ61). The laptop had “frozen” at the weekend while she was writing an email and she had just turned the laptop off by holding down the button.

The next morning she had tried to turn on her laptop to continue work on a report and was faced with just a black screen and a blinking light above the keyboard. She tried unplugging the laptop, taking out the battery and then starting up again but no joy.

I had a look and the laptop was indeed dead with no Bios start up screen and just a blinking cursor.  I removed the battery and with the laptop just on mains power counted the number of blinks of the light at start up.

HP LED blink codes

In my case there were 2 blinks which suggested a BIOS corruption failure.

The solution for me was to replace the battery and hold down all 4 arrow keys while restarting the laptop. This restored the Bios and the laptop then started up without a problem.

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2 Responses to HP laptop black screen and blinking lights

  1. las artes says:

    I was working on my son’s dm3 clearing off most of the HP utilities to increase performance. After removing the RAM to inspect, I found the same thing. Black screen, system fans on, power light on. I tried the hard reset several times with no luck. This computer has 3GB ram. I switched the memory sticks and everything came right back up. Makes you wonder if you’ve got a bad memory stick. I’m planning on pulling both of these sticks, 2GB and 1GB PC2 6400s RAM and installing 2 new 4GB sticks. We’re running Win7-64 on this little laptop with an AMD dual core (Athlon Neo 1.6GHz). Microsoft suggests 4GB RAM with the 64 bit version.

  2. I have indeed seen similar beep code bios error’s on the HP/Compaq boards as well. From my experience seems to be a re-occurring issue. The RAM issue detailed above i have seen many times and if memory serves the Toshiba Satellite machines can be very sensitive on the RAM seating and positioning front.

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