Extend wifi coverage around building

I had a call earlier this week from a client who wanted to extend her wifi wireless coverage around her home.  She had a BT wireless router in the kitchen which meant that she could use her laptop there and also upstairs but not in the lounge, which was the other side of the entrance hall and separated by 2 thick doors.

The answer was to install and configure a TP-Link wireless extender and plug it into a socket in the Hall.

This was configured to work with the existing BT router and to use the same wireless ID and security codes. This allowed for seemless transfer as the Mac book was moved between rooms.

Prior to installing the extender the signal in the lounge was as low as 20% , afterwards it was at 80% a significant improvment and one which meant the client could finally use her mac book pro while sitting on the sofa, rather than at the kitchen table.

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