Satellite broadband on Anglesey

There are a number of companies now offering wireless broadband to consumers on Anglesey. However wireless is not the only way to get to “not spots” an alternative technology is one based on Satellite broadband. BeyonDSL is now launched their new range of ‘up to’ 10Mbps capable packages priced from £24.99 per month.

All UK Satellite services have 100% coverage, unless you live behind a very high hill that blocks the eastern skies. Prices for BeyonDSL’s service start at just £14.99 per month for a 2Mbps (2GB usage) package.

The hardware costs are £299.99 for the hardware, £89 for an installation and then £50 activation fee.

The Welsh Assembly Government Broadband Support Scheme means that qualifying Welsh residents, businesses and 3rd sector organisations can apply for up to £1,000 for a satellite broadband installation from BeyonDSL which can be used to offset the initial set up costs.

Full details of the packages can be found here

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3 Responses to Satellite broadband on Anglesey

  1. Just a cautionary note on satellite. On the plus side – there is pretty much no one in the UK (let alone Wales) that cannot receive broadband (as indicated in the article), but there are other considerations that may not be immediately obvious.
    1. Latency – this is the time things take to happen. In the case of satellite, the signal has to leave your PC, go up to the satellite, back to the groundstation, to the destination and then back through the same route to get back to you. This will be virtually unnoticeable to many people – but VoIP (SKYPE for example) and gaming can suffer performance issues that may make this a poor choice for you. Speak to BeyonDSL about how you intend to use their service and I am sure they will be honest about suitability.
    2. Usage caps are usually quite strict on satellite (costs a lot to have a satellite!) so it is really important to understand what all those bytes and megabytes mean and what the charges for going over you cap are. Speak to BeyonDSL and be honest about how much you use the internet – most providers charge less for agreeing a higher data usage in advance than they do for charging you to go over your cap.
    Satellite can be really good (particularly now that the charges are coming down), but as with many ‘alternative’ broadband provision – the devil is in the detail.
    BeyonDSL are ‘good people’ though – talk to them and they can advise on the best of their offerings – and then compare this carefully to anything else you have available.

    Above all – read the fineprint and speak to the companies before making a decision. You only get that Welsh Gov money once – so spend it wisely!

    • Very True. The disadvantages of satellite broadband may well put off some gamers. But equally for someone who just want to surf a few web sites and send a few emails it may be an option if they are out in the Anglesey Wilds with few other options. Up until know the price has been way too expensive but it may now start to become one option.

      Very good advice about the WG grant money, you only get one bite of the cherry so make sure your choice is correct for you and likely to last you a good few years until some “even better” technology (what ever that might be ; 4g, FTTC, FTTH ???) comes along to Anglesey

  2. franco says:

    Very interesting report. I think satellite broadband still has a long way to go because of specific hurdles like cost and latency. But I do think in the future, it can complement existing broadband infrastructure or even become a viable alternative. If pricing could be more competitive and services are improved, then we can certainly see it succeeding as a reliable form of communication – especially in rural regions.

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