22% of users on Anglesey have slow broadband

The latest ofcom figures show that the average broadband speed on Anglesey is 5.4 Mbps and that 22% of users have a speed of less than 2 Mbps.

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One Response to 22% of users on Anglesey have slow broadband

  1. Just thought this would help today.

    Edwina Hart announces extension to Broadband Support Scheme

    Business Minister Edwina Hart announced today (Thursday Feb 2) she is extending the highly successful Broadband Support Scheme which is tackling and eradicating broadband notspots in Wales.

    The Scheme provides a grant of up to £1,000 to residents, businesses and third sector organisations in broadband notspots to enable them to obtain a broadband connection using the most appropriate technology available.

    The £2m project launched in 2010 was due to end this financial year but Mrs Hart is now extending the project to ensure the Welsh Government canrespond to individuals with immediate broadband issues.

    It will operate in parallel to the Next Generation Broadband for Wales (NGBW) project which will bring high speed broadband to homes and businesses that the market will not reach unaided.

    The NGBW project is on track to identify a winning bidder in March 2012, with the roll out of infrastructure beginning later that year, and concluding in 2015.

    Mrs Hart said the Broadband Support scheme has been very successful and to date more than 2000 applications have been approved with a further 230 being assessed.

    “It is filling a real need and making a difference to individuals, businesses and communities enabling them to participate in the benefits of the digital age.

    “ Terminating the Broadband Support Scheme in March 2012 could leave a potential gap in our ability to support people with immediate broadband issues.

    “I am therefore pleased to announce we are extending the scheme to provide continuity during the early roll-out of next generation broadband and will continue to review the relevance of the Broadband Support Scheme during this period.”

    To date 2,038 applications have been approved, which includes funding for sixteen community schemes covering 918 homes, representing a financial commitment of £1,662,709.

    A further 232 applications are currently being assessed with interest from another ten community schemes (covering 1,055 potential applicants).


    Notes to Editors.

    Initially, the Scheme addressed premises with less than 512Kbps connectivity and in June 2011 the criteria was extended to encompass premises with less than 2Mbps connectivity.

    Some Welsh residents were unable to apply to the Scheme because they could not find the initial up-front costs and the payment mechanism was changed in July 2011 so the Welsh Government now pays suppliers directly.

    It has increased the number of applicants and has ensured that individuals are not financially disadvantaged as a consequence of applying to the Scheme.

    Since the launch of the Scheme and the initial budget allocation, additional funding of £1.28m was allocated from the EU backed Rural Development Plan.

    The Broadband Support Scheme

    The Broadband Support Scheme operational since July 2010 enables individuals, businesses (SMEs) and 3rd Sector organisations in remaining Welsh broadband notspots to approach internet service providers directly, with support of Welsh Government funding. Support is available for up to a maximum of £1,000 for individual premises to help with the set-up and installation costs of a broadband connection.

    The Scheme is technology neutral and can contribute towards all technologies including but not limited to xDSL, 3G, wireless, satellite or next generation broadband solutions.

    Anyone who is interested and meets the scheme criteria can apply for support. Application forms are available through the Welsh Government’s website (www.wales.gov.uk/broadband), by telephone 03000 60 3000 or by email broadband@wales.gsi.gov.uk.


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