Free satellite broadband for 20 remote locations

Homes and businesses in a number of the UK’s remotest locations are set to be given the opportunity to improve their broadband access.

Broadband provider Skylogic – which uses the Eutelsat satellite – has launched a new initiative geared at improving rural internet services.

The firm has promised to install its up to 10Mb Tooway service in 20 of the toughest locations in Britain – at no cost to the end users.

Skylogic has committed to providing free satellite broadband to a number of homes and businesses for the remainder of 2012, reports

Skylogic’s UK Director for Tooway Steve Petrie said that with over 40 per cent of people in UK rural areas still not receiving broadband speeds greater than 2Mb, it is “no surprise” that many people still think that broadband is just not possible in not-spots and slow-spots.

“This may have been true in the past, but no longer,” he noted.

“Tooway can deliver high speed broadband to everyone, everywhere and we intend to prove with the Tough 20 Tooway Broadband Challenge that there need be no exclusions to broadband access.”

More about skylogic

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One Response to Free satellite broadband for 20 remote locations

  1. Jeremy says:

    This is good news. Satellite broadband faces a lot of challenges like cost and latency issues but I think it can be a viable alternative especially when those issues are minimized. Remote regions without terrestrial infrastructure for communications are great locations for satellite broadband to work.

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