Anglesey wind turbines to provide fast broadband link to rural community

The planned proliferation of wind turbines on Anglesey will have a significant advantage for those in the rural community who are still waiting for fast broadband. It has been established that the positions of the turbine are ideal for the distribution of fast wireless broadband to local house holders.

The average blade speed of the turbine throughout the year is 2.4 GHz which is a similar frequency to the band used in the current batch of home wireless routers.  The plan is to have homes fitted with a simple device, which is plugged into a mains socket similar to the existing wireless home plugs.

These plugs will connect back via the electricity mains grid to the wind turbines and use the rotational frequency of the turbine blade to provide a wireless signal around home.

The strength of the wireless signal around the home will depend on both proximity and height of the wind turbine. It is hoped that the government will soon decide it’s planning policy on wind turbines so that larger units can be built which may result in even fast rural broadband.

A second advantage of the new system is that the location of wind turbines in almost all areas of Anglesey will allow for the provision of a new mobile broadband system based on the same technology. A small USB  adaptor will be available to plug into laptops or mobiles phones which will enable the signal to be picked up and used on the move. A prototype of the device is shown below and it is hoped that with grant aid from the  “Energy Island  Scheme” a smaller device can be developed.

If you want to know more about this system please contact Anglesey Windturbine broadband  Limited

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3 Responses to Anglesey wind turbines to provide fast broadband link to rural community

  1. This is interesting. Now we have two alternative technologies coming together. Great post.

  2. Grant says:

    This is futile….a technology like wind power that’s government subsidized up the ying yang (why some countries in Europe have stopped), and known within the industry to actually change weather patterns and eco systems around these wind farms, and a RF technology that blanks a home with electrosmog (electric and magnetic fields) that greatly affects the health and welfare of everyone in the home, especially the elderly and children.

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