Laptop bleeping on statup up

Had a call from a client last week who was concerned about a laptop which was bleeping on start up.  From the description it sounded like a sticking key on the keyboard.

I got her to download and install a 30 day trail of a keyboard test program.

The test found a few sticky keys so I advised that the laptop keyboard be changed out to solve the problem.

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3 Responses to Laptop bleeping on statup up

  1. Will T says:

    You don’t always have to replace the whole keyboard in this situation. If you can identify usign software the keys causing the problem you can invest a much smaller amount buying replacement keys, with their hinges and mounts, which should resolve the problem. Theres an international service available for these so it shouldn’t be a problem wherever you are.

  2. I have problem in my ASUS N80 laptop. i heard a beep when i restart my laptop. how can i resolve this problem, please help me as early as possible

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