Anglesey Broadband cheaper than bottled water.

More than £62.5 million is to be spent in rural Lancashire to bring high speed broadband to consumers and businesses as part of the Westminster government’s Broadband Development UK (BDUK) scheme. (Details)

BT has agreed to multi-million deal that will bring fibre-optic cables to 97 per cent of Lancashire by 2014. This includes £30millionfrom BT, £10.8million from BDUK, £16.5 million from the European Regional Development Fund. The population of Lancaster is about 1.449 Million so this is equivalent to around £43 per person in the county.

The population of rural Wales is about 3 million so on this basis we might expect the cost of similar scheme to be of the order of £129 Million while Anglesey which has a population of about 70,000 might cost around  £3M.

The funding for the Welsh Government’s Broadband Support Scheme (BBSS) is around £2 million for the whole of Wales which suggests that around 66p per person is currently being spent in Wales but £43 per person in England.  This makes Anglesey broadband cheaper that a bottle of mineral water!

The Welsh Government has additional broadband role of plans which it is hoped may reduce this spending gap and more importantly provide a faster Broadband service to Anglesey residents.

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4 Responses to Anglesey Broadband cheaper than bottled water.

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I the meantime smaller Welsh ISP’s are investing huge sums of money to help bridge the gap (not just eXwavia but clearly that’s the one I know and love).These companies are paving the way to future investment because they believe we deserve better.

  2. laptopscreenrepairuk says:

    Where I live (Aberdeen) we’ve just got a live date of April 1st for Infinity. Signed up to it last week have my install date on Friday next. Can!t bloody wait 🙂

    great blog by the way

  3. This isn’t quite a straight comparison. BDUK is taking existing copper and giving it another 10 or 20 years of life expectancy whereas the current wireless technology could run out of steam in 5 years time. (note I do say could, because it’s making significant improvements each year and I am waiting to try a 700Mbit radio when it arrives in the UK!)

    The wireless is seen by many in government as a quick fix, but in reality given the rural isolation of many parts of Wales, it’s likely to be a fix that is going to be in place for many for a good 10 to 15 years.

    I see the target for ISP’s in North Wales to fix the problem today, but to keep investing over the 5/10 years so as to outperform BT and retain customers long term.

  4. That’s incredible, I wish it was that cheap here in the states. We’re stuck with a telco and cable company, but we have a new fiber company coming to town here this year. Hopefully that provides a better option for us for broadband.

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