Broadband services 40% slower than advertised

Recent research by the Telegraph news paper has shown that the actual speed received by consumers is still a lot lower that that advertised.

Sky and Talk talk customers were down by 60%, Virgin customers were receiving 40% less that advertised while BT customers received about 25% less.

Since advertising rules changed in April, internet service providers can only claim “up to” speeds if at least 10% of users are receiving them. Even this threshold was criticized as too low by the broadband companies who are now moving away from blanket advertising to quoting a different speed for each customer.

TalkTalk says its advertisements refer to average speeds, and everyone is given an individual quote before signing up. A spokesman said: “No one enters a contract with us without receiving a speed estimate tailored to them.”

BT said it removed speed claims from its website on 1 April. “We have provided personalized speed quotes for some years now, so our customers know exactly what they’re getting before any commitment is made.”

A spokesman for Sky said the company emphasized unlimited download allowances rather than headline speeds.

All this lends yet more support to the WISPA campaign to get Ofcom to look again at the UPTO market in which people are paying for broadband services they do not receive.


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