Is this the fastest broadband speed on Anglesey ?

AB internet have recently launched a wireless home broadband service for Anglesey homes. This is from one of their press releases.  At almost 50 Meg it is certainly fast.

Will it reduce when other join the system?  Does anyone have anything faster? How much is being paid each month for this service ? Please let us know what speeds you are getting on wireless broadband from other suppliers.


Following the recent launch on Anglesey of AB Internet’s unique superfast home broadband service, the first customers are now being connected to what is proving to be the fastest home broadband service on the island; bridging the digital divide and transforming the lives of locals.

AB recently received an email from one of its first customers on the island; a customer who has been using the service for just over a week now. The email was very simple, it said: “Thanks for the great service, I thought you’d like to see this”


Details here

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2 Responses to Is this the fastest broadband speed on Anglesey ?

  1. Lou says:

    I’m planning on moving to Anglesey in the near future, but I work from home. Having a decent-ish broadband speed is the cornerstone of my business. Without it, it would be very difficult to earn a living, so therefore I am keeping a close eye on the broadband situation ‘up there’. That speedtest screenshot looks good, faster than what I have here, though I assume those speeds are the exception? When I was up there recently, the so called ‘3G’ and HSDPA was awful, it was great when it worked, but it just seemed to time out frequently, and by frequently, I mean the majority of the time.

    • Hi Lou,
      I am afraid that the more normal speed would be 2-4 via ADSL and perhaps less in the rural areas. 3G and HSDPA is very hit and miss.
      There are some wireless broadband providers but even those have restrictions on the coverage area.

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