What to do if your email account gets hacked

Hacked email accounts are still very common and it can happen to anybody so dont get to upset.

The most obvious thing that will show you have an email account that has been broken into are email with links or attachments being sent to all of the people on your contact list.

These sites and attachments are likely infected with viruses and spyware meant to steal passwords and financial information so follow the guidelines bellow to stay safe:

These emails are normally sent to everyone in your online email account address book , so make sure you have  copy of another email account of yours in the list so that you will also receive the false email and be made aware of the problem.

Run a full Virus and anti spy ware scan on all computers you use to get rid of any spyware that may have copied or stolen your password

Run updates for Adobe, Java, and your web browser to ensure you have the most up to date versions. Also run windows updates to ensure that you have all security patches installed.

Once you have scanned your pc log into your email account and change its password. Where possible try to use a word which is not in a dictionary,and which is at least 8 charterers long and contains at least one capital letter and 1 number of other character.

Inform those on your contact list about what happened and inform them not to go to the websites or open any attachments that may have been received.

Change all of your other passwords including banking passwords and anything that may lead to sensitive information.

Understand that this can happen to anybody and although you can take measures to reduce the risk you cannot always completely prevent your email being hacked.

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