Raspberry pi media server

I got my #raspberry pi in the post yesterday and have just completed my first project. Installing a testing a media server ( http://www.raspbmc.com/)

In case you have not heard the raspberry pi is a small basic computer board that you connect to a screen keyboard and mouse and program your self. In some ways it is like the original BBC or spectrum computers of a few decades ago. You get basic hardware that you have to program your self. The first project was easy to implement as most of the hard work had already been done by an 18 year old in between his A level exams!

My next project is to get Linux running on the pi and the trying to connect via VNC from the i pad so that the raspberry can sit headless on my network without the need to be connected to the television in the kitchen.




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11 Responses to Raspberry pi media server

  1. Dean says:

    I’ve got mine on the way after receiving the code from RS the other day. Rather than VNC what about setting up a Ubuntu server and use putty ? I find the combination works great and much lower in terms of system usage than a GUI based linux and VNC. Also another option is to set up WebMin and access it direct I have a pal that has already got his RPi a while ago and there’s now a type of webmin called Shell (i think) that is very low on resources. Are you hoping to run xbmc ? I understand it can run it ok but have yet to see how well.

  2. Just wanted to try the XBMC set up first.
    I have now slotted in another SD card with Debian linux on it.
    SET up SSH on boot using :
    sudo mv /boot/boot_enable_ssh.rc /boot/boot.rc

    Also installed tightvnc using:
    sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

    So can now get to a headless RPI just connected to my network from my Ipad or desktop for easier management.

    • dean says:

      How does the xbmc perform ? Have you tried 1080P ? I guess you are going to use net storage to store your HD stuff and just play it using the RPI locally. This is basically what I want to do but not convinced until I try it that XBMC is going to be a slick front end or that the Pi can indeed play 1080p with the different formats.

  3. Yes i am using XBMC to play 1080P from a NAS. The initial browsing is a little slow probably due to the SD card but once connected to the NAS the picture quality is good. The beauty of RPi is a simple swop of SD card and I have a linux web server to play with as well. You can track the location of RPis here ( http://rastrack.ryanteck.org.uk/)

  4. Dean says:

    Good to know. Did you download an XBMC image or build it your self? The setting up can be a bit clunky I find.

    • Raspberry Pi B for sale.Unopened box just arrived from RS. Got one from other supplier a few weeks ago and do not need two.£35 inc p&p

      • Dean says:

        I still haven’t got mine from RS I think they are taking the wee wee as others have got them from Farnell in about two weeks. They seem to require a class 10 SD card and the menus are pretty snappy then. By the way have you still got that spare one? If so I’ll help you out and take it off your hands… 🙂

      • Hi Dean, Sorry the Raspberry pi went very quickly after I posted on here. Only have the one now running as a “cloud file server”.

  5. Dean says:

    Oh well worth an ask, thanks for the reply. I’ve ordered from Farnell now and they say it should be 2 to 3 weeks though others have received them quicker. They seem to work pretty slic with the class 10 card and XBMC. If I can get the control over HDMI interface working on my old plasma then it’ll be a pretty handy media server. I’ll probably sell my Apple TV box then.

  6. Dean says:

    Farnell took a week, still no sign of the RS one.

    • It was the same with me the Farnell came first with RS a few weeks later. Not sure what the waiting time is now but with manufacturing starting in South Wales soon delivery times should improve…… as long as schools have not spent all their new term budget on ordering units !!

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