Amlwch BT exchange broadband upgrade

The Bt exchange in Amlwch has been upgraded to provide ADSL+2.  In theory this should enable local users to get an “up to” 24Mb service as opposed to the “up to” 8MB service that they have been able to receive up to now.

The upgrade in speed which you are able to get depends on the  copper line distance and quality from the exchange.  One way of looking at this is to log into your router and find the attenuation level. For me this was 62.9 db.  The lower the attenuation level the higher broadband speed you can expect.

So on ADSL I was getting about 1.4 Mbps speed

After the upgrade to ADLS yesterday my attenuation has dropped to around 58 and my speed has increased to around 2.4 Mbps.

Ok 2.4 is not blistering fast but it is a 70% increase in speed.

I will see how the increased speed pans out in the following few days as it can take up to 10 days for the line to re tune itself to the best possible speed.

if anyone else in Amlwch has seen an increase in there speed I would also like to know.


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3 Responses to Amlwch BT exchange broadband upgrade

  1. Dean says:

    Hmmm I think I would be a bit upset if I ended up with 2.4Mbps, as a percentage thing you should be nearer 4.2Mbps as 1.4Mbps is 17.5 % of 8Mbps. Still as you’ve said it does take a while to settle down and you may even benefit from changing router as some try much higher sync speeds. I can add 30% or take off about 15% on my speed depending on which router I used in my tests. The only problem is I had random drop outs and missed packets when running at the highest sync speed I could muster so opted for the middle.
    Still goes it goes to show how you have to take everything into account as someone may be tempted to pay big money to get a huge increase on paper but actually find little increase in the real world.
    Roll on the fibre.

    • I have tried a netgear and a belkin and both gave the same sort of results before and after the “upgrade”. Which router have you seen the best performance with?

      • Dean says:

        I’ve tried a good few over the years and had good results with the hacked BT business hubs. But basically I started having a problem of drop outs and got disconnected on a regular basis (a couple of times a day) and thus the trials. However rather than going through the whole thing I’ll give you the either end and the surprising best performer. I’m a fiddler so didn’t purchase “proper modem” just hacked various others so when I had my problems and BT insisted it wasn’t their line I was forced to buy a very expensive Belkin Play Max this gave good results no drop outs but over a few day’s/weeks it would get slower and slower until It levelled out at around 700K I put up with this for a while but continued to badger BT as BT tests showed I should get 1.5 M and my best thought were the belkin is reading a fault and thus dropping its sync speed . I did a bit of research and found a Siemen’s router ( not sure which model right at this moment) which tried to sync at a much higher speed. My joy as I was now getting near 2 M but disconnections came back. So I had near 2M with every other day disconnects or 700 k but stable as a rock. I then tried an old router modem of mine the Siemen gigaset 587 and this was about 1.1 M stable. I eventually convinced BT to have another look at my line and they found a fault on the pole so put a new cable from the pole to my house and a filter and new face plate splitter etc. The giga set has now been connected for well over 6 months and gives a reliable 1.5 M the other two still do what they did before but at a higher speed. If it helps you can borrow my high speed Siemens it is only a cheap one but seems to squeeze the last little drop out maybe you’ll be lucky and it’ll hang on as well.

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