Picture and word files ending in POLICE

This was the situation which one of my customer faced today. There was also a warning message on her PC saying

“you are suspected of copyright violation and unauthorized access to the licensed software you will need to purchase a MoneyPak with the nominal value of 100 dollars to decrypt your files ”

In effect her PC had picked up some ransom ware somewhere which had encrypted some of her person files which meant that she was unable to open then using her normal software.

Even when the ransom ware had been removed the files still remained encrypted and inaccessible. In this case I was able to recover the “locked” files from a back up system which I had previously  set up for her.

With ransom ware becoming more and more common it is important to ensure that you have a back up of all your documents.

If you do not have a back up , once the ransom ware has been removed try this  on the encrypted files which if you are lucky you might just get back.

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