Internet explorer not working? Download firefox via ftp

I had an issue the other day with internet explorer not working on a PC.  I tried a restore and a repair but still nothing.  In this situation I would normally use a portable browser  from my USB stick to download Firefox or Chrome and get the end user on the way.

However what happens if you do not have a portable browser handy?

Well it is possible to down load Firefox with just a working windows PC and  a working internet connection using the inbuilt windows ftp function.

Launch a Command Prompt window from the Start menu and type ftp connect to Mozilla’s FTP server.

Type anonymous at the login prompt,

then leave the password field blank and press Enter.

Change to the directory containing the latest release of Firefox:
cd pub/

Then,   ls see a list of the files in the directory:

Use the get command to download the latest Firefox installer to your hard drive:

get “Firefox Setup 15.0.1.exe”

Close the ftp then install firefox as normal from  C:\Users\



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