Where did you get that image from ?

Have you downloaded an image to your PC but not sure where you got it from?

The TinEye reverse image search  web site will allow you to upload a copy of the image and then find the original on the web for you.

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3 Responses to Where did you get that image from ?

  1. steviecomz says:

    Great tip guys – Great blog too! Nice long history, Can i ask has it benifitted your SEO/Rankings?
    I have a computer repair business in Telford and have just started the blog with wordpress http://acecomputingtelford.wordpress.com/

    Loving it but wondering if a decent long standing blog like yours has made an impact?

    • I find the blog very useful for pulling in potential clients as I try to make the topics relevant to the local area. Combined with a good stats package I can see which pages on my main web site are of interest. For example I can see that you first looked at the blog at around midnight last night , then went to my main site before coming back to the blog to post around 1 am. I find the blog a useful SEO tool if you can get the correct key words in the title. However I would say make sure you have the option to “approve” all comments active other wise you can get a lot of spam. I just had a look at your blog and will be dropping by again in the future.

      • That is exactly the type of thing i am interested in developing, I think the WP blog is a great way to connect with customers and fellow business’s alike. I would think consistency (like yours) is the key and also to keep the posts interesting with links to current events/articles. I think your page is superb and your website too so keep up the good work over there in Anglesey and thanks for the pointers.

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