How to obtain ADSL log in details from sky router.

If you decide you want to change out your ISP supplied router for another make it is normally just a matter of signing into the router and getting the ADSL username and password.

However SKY likes to do things differently.

To obtain the user details from a sky router you need to go through a few more steps!

1) Open up a command prompt on a PC connected to the sky router.

2) Type ipconfig /all

3) Note the default gateway address which is displayed on the screen. (E.g.

4) Type Ping

5) Type arp –a

6) Look for the mac address figure next to and note it down (e.g.  bb-aa-50-82-a6-c1)

7) Obtain the default WPA key (this is written on the side of the router)

8) Go to the following web site , follow the instructions and enter the details of the mac address and wpa code from above.

9) If all goes well the site should return you sky user log in details which you can then use to set up a new router.

Note: if you need a new sky broadband package, please visit Broadband Genie’s Sky review and deals page.


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