Upgrade Vista to Windows 8

I have an older PC running vista so decided to take advantage of Microsoft special offer of an upgrade to the new Windows 8 pro for only £25.

The upgrade adviser was first downloaded and told me that I was good to go. After paying online it took me just over 90 minutes to down load the new OS to the desktop over a 2M ADSL connection.. From there I was able to burn the image to an ISO for use in the future.

Microsoft emailed me my own Windows 8 key. The image download also left an Icon on my desktop to allow me to install Windows 8 with the option of keeping all my documents. this took about 30 mins.

I took the option not to log into Microsoft every time I started the PC.

I then had to reinstall all my old applications so make sure that you have the media and the keys before upgrading!

I have been playing with the OS for a few hours and here are the short cuts which seem to do most of what I need.

Win + D  to get to a desk top

Win + F to use the search function

Win +R to open command prompt

Win + X to open advanced options

Win + L to lock workstation.

Using these shortcut keys you can soon get under the hood where the basic feel is similar to Windows 7 but with a few tweaks and touches which make things easier to use and looking a lot more sexy.

After all the horror stories of Win8 being the next Windows millennium ( remember that one??) so far it looks ok.

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One Response to Upgrade Vista to Windows 8

  1. OK so there is no simple one click shutdown button in Windows 8.
    To add one , right click the desktop and add a shortcut.
    In the shortcut link type
    shutdown.exe /s /t0

    Save this shortcut to your desktop.
    Right click chosen advances and add an icon and you now have a quick shutdown button for free.

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