Sky broadband capacity issues in North Wales ?

Sky  has admitted “capacity issues” are causing slow broadband in some areas.

The provider is working to fix the problem, which has only had an impact on a handful of local exchanges – the worst affected being in Bristol, North Wales and Doncaster.

Together they account for less than 5% of Sky’s broadband customer base.

A Sky spokesperson told “Following a combination of an underlying increase in network traffic, as well as a high rate of new customer additions, we are aware of capacity issues in a small number of exchanges.”

“We are working on adding new capacity to those exchanges as quickly as we can. We apologise to all customers who have been impacted by this issue.”

The problems may have arisen from the number of households on Sky’ Broadband Unlimited package. For a fixed monthly fee, customers download as much as they like with no threat of penalties or fines for excess usage.

It’s an attractive deal for big downloaders, who then put strain on the network.

Sky assured customers it is still “committed” to unlimited broadband, with no traffic management – where a provider may punish excessive downloaders by ‘throttling’ their speeds, or, in the most extreme cases, terminating the connection.

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