Improved #4g service for #Anglesey

This time last year we showed how wind turbines would help the development of wireless broadband on #Anglesey. Today I can reveal how the undersea water turbines off the coast will bring improved #4g to #Anglesey.

A small company supported by grants from the EDU are to redevelop the old S&R HQ in Holyhead. The company called “Something, Anywhere!” are hoping to further develop a technology called Near Field Communications (NFC) which is currently being used in the latest mobiles phones to assist in their quest to use undersea turbines to extend 4g coverage on Anglesey.

In the previous post I explained that the rotational frequency of onshore turbines can have an effect on wireless broadband, it is also suspected that the same is true with undersea turbines however the slower frequency of wave power means that the energy is in the spectrum proposed for 4g mobile technology. This has been known for a little while. However the close proximity of the undersea turbines to the Anglesey shore means that the energy can be harnessed using the Near Field Communication technology

Ebrill Prytherch the PR spokeswoman for “Something, Anywhere! Explained.

“The development of undersea turbines so close to the town of Holyhead meant that we have a unique opportunity to use NFC to enhanced 4g technology in the area. However we are also very excited that a quick look at a map has shown that many populated areas on Anglesey, such as Amlwch, Benllech, and Menai Bridge are also close to the shore.

Once we have proved the 4g technology in Holyhead we hope to extend to these other areas quickly.  We recognise that Llangefni is a special case and have been speaking to a technology assistance charity called “Mentor Man” to see if a smaller version of the turbine can be installed in the Afon Cefni in the tunnels under bridge street.”

With Anglesey having the title of Energy Island these are exciting times in which to integrate different technologies to produce spin off hybrid products which can be used by the Islands citizens.

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