Caravan park WIFI on Anglesey

More and more people are now looking for WiFi when they are visiting caravan parks or camp sites on Anglesey.  I few days ago I got a phone call from Dronwy caravan park near Holyhead, they had a public WiFi system fitted by a company called Park and Marine WiFi System a few years ago which had now stopped working.

The park owners had already been phoned at 8 am on a Sunday morning by disgruntled guests.  The previous installers had left no details of the system and were no longer able to service the equipment.

I went on site and using a wireless mapping tool found that the WiFi signal coverage on the park was still good. The cable from the external wireless units to the broadband router was still good but the router was not proving IP addresses. This meant that the users in the caravans could connect to the WiFi hot spot but not surf out.

From careful observation and tests of the WiFi signal I was able to work out which IP address ranges the previous installers had user to set up the various parts of the system.

I installed a new cable router with the correct IP settings and the owners and guests were soon back surfing.

I was then able to supply the owners with the new network equipment details and password  so that if they have any problems in the future it will be easier to diagnose.  We also discussed ways of making the WiFi system more secure and I was able to provide the site with a draft WiFi user policy.

caravan wifiSo if you are looking for someone to service caravan or camp site WiFi on Anglesey contact us.

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