Time to replace your windows XP machine

On April 8, 2014 Microsoft will end support for the aging Windows XP operating system and for Microsoft Office 2003.  While many consumers have already upgraded to Windows 7 or 8, there are still many who have not.  In April of next year, however, Microsoft will no longer release security updates for these systems which would prevent malicious software infections and possible data breaches.

Ignore Windows XP at Your Own Peril, because the software can no longer be secured.

Replacing these aging systems is the most obvious answer for many people.  However, businesses are reluctant to move to Windows 8, the most current operating system, at this time because of the user interface changes or because of software compatibility issues.  The next option will be to purchase Windows 7 systems, which have had a track record of stability and reliability in the business environment for almost 4 years.  Windows 7 systems, however, will become increasingly hard to find in many retail channels, as Microsoft will encourage vendors to push its latest operating system.

A viable alternative for businesses will be to purchase professionally refurbished business grade desktops and laptops which come pre-installed with Windows 7 Professional.  At this point, this operating system will be supported with security updates by Microsoft until January of 2020.

If you need advice on updating your PC please contact us.

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