Twitter lists

If you use Twitter and have a lot of followers it can sometimes be useful to sort them into themed groups to help clear away some of the clutter.

You can do this with “Twitter Lists

To create a list:
1) Go to your Lists page. This can be done via the gear icon drop down menu in the top right navigation bar or by going to your profile page and clicking on Lists.
2) Click Create list.
3)Enter the name of your list, a short description of the list, and select if you want the list to be private (only accessible to you) or public (anyone can subscribe to the list).
4)Click Save list.

To add or remove people from your lists:
1)Click the gear icon drop down menu on a user’s profile.
2)Select Add or remove from lists. (You don’t need to be following a user to add them to your list.)
3)A pop-up will appear displaying your created lists. Check the lists you would like to add the user to, or uncheck the lists you’d like to remove the user from.

To subscribe to/follow other people’s lists:
1)Click on Lists when viewing someone’s profile.
2)Select which list you’d like to subscribe to.
3) From the list page, click Subscribe to follow the list. You can follow lists without following the individual users in that list.
4)To check to see if the user you wanted to add was successfully included in that list, navigate to the Lists tab on your profile page. Click the desired list, then click Members. 5) The person will appear in the list of members.

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