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Support for microsoft essentials extended

“Microsoft today announced it will continue to provide updates to its security products for Windows XP users through July 14, 2015. Previously, the company said it would halt all updates on the end of support date for Windows XP: April … Continue reading

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Back up your files “CryptoLocker” is coming to a PC near you

CryptoLocker is a ransomware virus created by criminals. It is being distributed using exploits in your computer security due to out-dated software. Common source of exploit are infected email messages, malicious websites and drive-by downloads. Notice that as exploit kits … Continue reading

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Computer troubleshooting in 8 steps

The most important part of troubleshooting any problem is to divide the tasks of problem resolution into a systematic process of elimination. The processĀ  can be divided into eight steps: 1) Define the problem. 2)Gather detailed information. 3) Consider probable … Continue reading

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Microsoft software audit tool

A great tool for auditing MS licensing on a network. When you need to know what versions of windows and office are being used on a network.  

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Safe internet use for families on Anglesey

If you have Children in the family then it is important that they use the internet safely. There is a lot of good advice about safe surfing available on the net. I recently used the technique below to protect an … Continue reading

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Need a disposable email address to post on a blog?


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Enable remote desktop on windows 7 home

Windows Remote Desktop Protocol is a method of connecting to a remote machine to enable you to repair, monitor or administer the PC. Unfortunately the protocol is disabled in some versions of windows 7 PCs. It can be re-activated using … Continue reading

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