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Creat new windows user from command line

I had a pc with a corrupt user profile in today. As it was the only user profile on the PC I could not log in normally to transfer data or create a new profile. the solution was to boot … Continue reading

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Wireless line of sight tool survey tool

When setting up external wireless it is important to make sure that each end of the link can “see” each other. This line of sight (LOS) tool from Solwise can help to map out potentials areas of concern with local … Continue reading

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Superfast broadband role out for Anglesey

BT have recently updated there roll out map for superfast broadband on Anglesey. The map can be seen here. It seems as if most of Anglesey will have to wait until march 2014 before the roll out begins. A video … Continue reading

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Improved #4g service for #Anglesey

This time last year we showed how wind turbines would help the development of wireless broadband on #Anglesey. Today I can reveal how the undersea water turbines off the coast will bring improved #4g to #Anglesey. A small company supported … Continue reading

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Broadband grant for Anglesey homes to end soon

The Welsh government has announced the end of the broadband roll out grants which have helped many on Anglesey to gain access via local wireless ISPs. If you want to get a grant you have until the end of March. … Continue reading

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Will Anglesey miss out on fast broadband investment ?

The Welsh government has allocated £425 M for  the role out of fast broadband over the next few years a substantial amount of that money has just been located to the Powys Local Growth Zone in mid Wales. The aim … Continue reading

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Faster broadband from Bangor University

The clever boffins at Bangor university have come up with a way of sending even more data down a single optical fiber to produce amazing broadband speed. Faster broadband

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