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Reboot windows 8 in advanced mode

Some times it is necessary t reboot a windows 8 pc in advanced mode for trouble shooting etc. To do this, open the Settings charm — press Windows Key + I to open it — click the Power button, then … Continue reading

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Back up your files “CryptoLocker” is coming to a PC near you

CryptoLocker is a ransomware virus created by criminals. It is being distributed using exploits in your computer security due to out-dated software. Common source of exploit are infected email messages, malicious websites and drive-by downloads. Notice that as exploit kits … Continue reading

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Computer troubleshooting in 8 steps

The most important part of troubleshooting any problem is to divide the tasks of problem resolution into a systematic process of elimination. The process  can be divided into eight steps: 1) Define the problem. 2)Gather detailed information. 3) Consider probable … Continue reading

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Safe internet use for families on Anglesey

If you have Children in the family then it is important that they use the internet safely. There is a lot of good advice about safe surfing available on the net. I recently used the technique below to protect an … Continue reading

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Someone has hacked my emails! Who do I report it to?

Do you know how to report a computer crime? Or even who you would report it to? This site has some articles on types of computer crimes home users may come across. For example if I gained unauthorized access to … Continue reading

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internet explorer security issue

The German government is clearly taking the latest critical security problem in Internet Explorer seriously, publicly urging all users to stop browsing the web with the Microsoft product until a patch is available. The German government’s Federal Office for Information … Continue reading

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BT to upgrade more Anglesey Exchanges to fast broadband.

BT have announce that additional exchanges on Anglesey are to be upgraded to allow customers to use the ADSL 2+ service. ADSL2+ extends the capability of basic ADSL by doubling the number of downstream bits. The data rates can be … Continue reading

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